My Favourite Discussions 

Sample: “I guess this should have been obvious. To be on the Atheist Blogroll, one must be an Atheist or an Agnostic. A loophole in the rules allowed freethinking deist Agradevaduta to join. The loophole is closed. The Atheist blogroll represents Atheist and Agnostic bloggers. Agradevaduta has been removed from the blogroll.”

Sample: “This is a toughie. If sincere, Archangel’s arguments here I think warrant him staying. I for one see no problem with an agnostic theorizing a laundry list of “what ifs” about the existence of a deity and following one of those down the rabbit hole. It’s a good exercise.”

Sample: “…While the believer’s conclusions reside in the notion of faith which is devoid of logical reasoning, the atheist himself relies on the infallibility of his own powers of empirical investigation…. Human beings and the science they have created (yes, the same science you seem to believe in with understandable passion and base your arguments entirely upon) remain within a transitory vacuum, since human beings are bound to evolve into a more intelligent and perceptive species. It grows ominously clear that Science as it now exists cannot necessarily be accepted as truth. I speak not of the constant amendment of scientific truth as we develop as a species, but rather the complete overhaul of science as we know it when human beings evolve into a more advance species…”

Sample: “…Just to comment on your views on equality amongst men and women, I must say agree with you completely. However, there is one conceptual difficulty you seem to have got yourself entangled in. It is the independence between the two concepts equality and the freedom of expression. To put things simply and avoid verbosity, it means that men and women ARE (as in a current state of being) equal. Thus the views of one group of individuals will not impinge on equality. Equality resides in reality, not in recognition. The true notion of equality is however strongly questioned when women complain about treatment men would not under ordinary circumstances complain about. It’s time women embrace their equality rather than expect men to recognize and respect it for them…”


Sample: “…I must clarify that I am talking strictly in terms of a framework of belief and how actions can be justified if one’s belief is such. The question is not whether the Christian is right or wrong in providing incentives in his efforts as a “fisher of men”, or protesting at abortion clinics. The question is whether we should attempt to understand where these actions originate from. And my point is that this may be a misguided (as it may be the case) belief that the Christian is doing some long term good through what I may regard as a “shady” act i.e. dangling a car in front of a non-believer or intimidating a pregnant women who is about to abort. However, there is absolutely no point in criticizing someone who believes in all honesty that he is doing what he is charged by divine law to do. The belief itself may not always be justified. But the action may be justified if the belief truly exists…”


5 Responses to “My Favourite Discussions”

  1. “Thus, every atheist is utterly dependent on the fundamental presumption that science as a human product leads to empirical truth. Sounds like faith to me.”

    Faith, my friend, is belief in things without any attempt at verification. Science is the organised body of knowledge concerning the physical world. It recognises that it is incomplete, and unlike religion, it constantly questions its results; it always tests its veracity. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in atheists basing their beliefs in empirical science. If science will someday discover god, the atheist position will cease to be. That, clearly, is nothing like faith.

    Disco Bob requests that you blog on this subject, so that he can attack your position directly, instead of commenting obliquely on a comment you’ve made elsewhere. Or is it a subject where Archangel fears to tread further?

  2. Peace people

    We love you

  3. they only wanna do you dir. Ondrej Manisha.

  4. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Huda Swithun.

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