Conversations Apart…

This is a conversation I had with one of my friends this morning. I have left the content untouched except for a few typographical errors. The names have also been censored in order to keep the discussion I intend to provoke sincere and, as far as possible, objective.

There is a difference of opinion slowly but surely materializing here in Colombo. I see it as the critical divide between ‘pseudo-liberals’ and the ‘newly radicalized’. The classification is not necessarily accurate, but rather a reflection of how each side sees the other. Another common opinion is that the former are ‘fashionable liberals – turned fascist’ and the latter are ‘liberals by conviction – turned frustrated’. You judge for yourselves.

Friend: ironically and worryingly the Peace seems to be polarizing the moderate machan

**** (a mutual friend) is a stubborn fuck sometimes

Me: ado no machang….he has a point

Friend: I am not saying he doesn’t have a point machan

Me: the bugger has always been stubborn no surprises there

Friend: he has a very valid point….but nevertheless you have to give to get no?

Me: tell that to an educated Tamil…the buggers don’t buy any of this…frankly I don’t either…

I hope though and try my best not to be cynical

Friend: that’s purely an issue of perception though and of trust….not factual

Me: may be

Friend: the govt I don’t think has put too many feet wrong in their post war messages

Me: but facts and figures are useless without trust

Friend: and I think the expectations of **** et al are unrealistic



and trust can only be mutual no machan…..hence my call or elimination of distrust

it has to be forced until circumstances eliminate it entirely over time

Me: ummm…but isn’t that something the govt has to earn?

Friend: yes….granted

but it is also the something the Tamil people have to learn because **** (another mutual friend) is admitting that Uncle P and the LTTE represented him

the Tamil people themselves need to speak out against that equation of the two

Me: it’s kind of true, prabha represented an aspect of the Tamil struggle. No one can deny that

Friend: of course he did machan – and a none military version of that struggle MUST continue but if you are associated by omission with an organization like that you have to bare the consequences machan

Me: if the object is self determination…and your opponents are bigoted …then any Tamil will see the use in having a militant approach

Friend: I am only saying that the Sinhalese aren’t the only people who are bigoted….the Tamils are too

they want to have their cake and eat it machan which is unrealistic and selfish

Me: well…I think the fear Tamils have now that they will not be taken seriously is legitimate

there is no incentive to

Friend: disagree….what has the GOSL done to affirm that fear since the war ended

not a bloody thing

Me: as long as the LTTE was there…there was hope of a little ‘give and take’ with the right Sinhalese govt

now there is NO INCENTIVE


13th amendment minus that is what is being discussed now

Friend: the fear stems from the paranoia…the incentive machan is to avoid a repetition and I don’t think even the Sinhalaya modaya is going to accept that

Me: no police powers

Friend: the only reason the 13th amendment didn’t work is because the LTTE fucked it up

Me: something which is included in the 13th amendment is now on the verge of being taken out and 13th am was the minimum

so yes…I think paranoia or not…the govt has done plenty to display its intention to provide watered down solutions

Friend: my point is that if the police force is effective it doesn’t matter who runs it…if it’s ineffective then at least you have somewhere to go from there

I only want legitimate Tamil voices to say exactly what you told me right now

that 13th am is minimum and this is why we should have it

Me: and that can be said about every aspect of the 13th am

see machang???? see where this is heading?

you’re compromising

Friend: machan – all I’m saying is both sides have to compromise…if you can’t see that we are doomed

Me: but how can you expect the Tamils to go below what was promised in the 13th

I say the 13th is not enough to solve this…

and people are saying the 13th is too much

and Tamils should compromise on that as well

here’s the long and short of it

as I see it…

NO ONE considered this govt as being capable of solving this problem politically

they all backed it to finish the war

it did so

now it is INCONVENIENT for people to remind themselves that this govt cannot solve the political problem

so they start compromising…


it’s a little sad

Friend: political solution = compromise

I’ve dealt with every single ‘Tamil Question’ **** (1st mutual friend) brought up

Me: hmmm

13th is compromise to begin with

Friend: and short of demanding a de facto separate state he doesn’t put up a single cogent argument for wanting what he does

Me: compromise was possible when an extremist was in the game

no LTTE means no bargaining chips

no compromise

Friend: the threat of another LTTE is a bargaining chip machan

Me: solution = take what we give you, you fucking Tamil

oh god

Friend: that has never been said, nor has it been manifested machan

Me: the threat of another LTTE is why 300k are in internment

several thousands are in Boosa

Friend: I don’t trust these buggers….the govt. but I am willing to give them a chance

Me: Tamil journalists are being tried for terrorism

Friend: it’s all I’m asking

Me: I don’t think you have a choice machang. 🙂

Friend: Tissa’s case is the most unfortunate fuck up of this war….but can you see how the GoSL needs to save face by trying him

once the publicity dies down he will be freed machan….he’s not dead

Me: oh yes  I see the point in trying him

didn’t think saving face was a legitimate ground for trying someone

Friend: it’s not machan – but it’s politics not law

Me: which is why it is wrong and people shouldn’t make excuses for this govt

I just feel that this govt is going to get away with a lot of

shit because of the war victory

Friend: everything is politics machan – **** (known lawyer) won his cases in the SC cos of politics nothing else

Me: agreed

Friend: mate do you think I’m not shit scared now that the main opposition leader has been eliminated….we are on course for a dictatorship

Me: but that was a case of politics when it happened to be consistent with was is right

Friend: but unless we start talking…to each other and shit we are not going anywhere

Me: err yes

so then why support the govt?

Friend: we can’t take this govt on machan – we’ll just get killed


Me: so then leave the country

you’re making excuses for them

Friend: that’s what you’re doing

Yes – I may be…because I realize how hard this problem is to solve even if you and I were running govt

Me: ? anyway…you’re right to be afraid of this govt

Friend: being idealistic is great….but we must temper our expectations with realism…it’s why the two words and statuses quo exist

Me: we all should be

yeah…but we shouldn’t expect Tamils to have to throw away their idealism because we want everyone to be realistic

it’s as if you’re saying…YOU LOST


you’re right…it’s not realistic

Friend: I am only saying that approach to solving the problem is unrealistic and has been a proven failure adopt another method

Me: who can blame **** (1st Mutual Friend) for being cynical

you can’t expect him to roll over and play dead

I don’t see [him] taking up arms

Friend: I don’t….but I expect him to be more reasonable and not expect all of the fucking pie

Me: I only see the bugger demanding for a better solution than fucking 13th am MINUS

Friend: otherwise Eelam is also his aspiration and I will fight to the death any bugger who wants Eelam

Me: so the better approach you’re suggesting is that he changes his demands

Friend: no making a proper case for the demands rather than prejudice and paranoia

Me: ok

Friend: development needs to be immediate

who does it is a secondary issue and further development can be handled by the Tamils themselves in their areas

did you read the last three comments on that groundviews thread?

Me: you do realize that Eelam and 13th am are worlds apart

Friend: read it machan….with an open mind

me: if we are not willing to give 13th am

Friend: I do realize that….but **** (1st Mutual Friend) rhetoric doesn’t seem to be

Me: then people have a right to demand for the extreme…and if they had a bargaining chip…they would have got something in between

they don’t

so they’re fucked

Friend: they have a right to demand it machan….but they don’t have  a right to receive it

Me: and so are we…because the problem will not be resolved

Friend: they’re not fucked machan

Me: I hope I hope

Friend: how can you possibly say they are fucked????? what’s so

fucked about it?

Me: ok…I just think we’ll have to wait and see

I say they are fucked because of the trends in the present discussion

how Pillayan can’t get a cent to work with

how emergency law continues to operate indefinitely

no attempt at a truth and reconciliation commission

I’m just not convinced

but I am hopeful

Friend: you have to give people a chance to convince you machan

Me: I realize that this govt doesn’t have any opposition to impede a solution

so I hope

I hope and wait

Friend: if a girl tells you she gives great head you can’t be cynical until you’ve gotten a blowjob

Me: and I fucking sympathize with those who are frustrated

Friend: machan I am frustrated too….but a thirty year wait and a few months is chalk and cheese

Me: if there is a legitimate concern that she will bite my cock off…I wont take the chance

Friend: suddenly the war is over and they want solutions yesterday….not correct no

Me: ok we’ll wait

Friend: that’s all


Me: we have no right to tell Tamils to wait

but they’ll have to

such is life

Friend: of COURSE WE DO

Me: we don’t

Friend: we waited for thirty years…they can fucking well wait too

Me: but let’s agree that like it or not…we’ll all have to wait

Friend: yeeeers….so as long as we are agreed on that

Thank you for Reading


~ by Archangel on June 10, 2009.

12 Responses to “Conversations Apart…”

  1. This is too long to read. what is your point…!??!

  2. […] this latest post about some inane pseudo intellectual conversation with an equally, if not more demented friend, he […]

  3. “if a girl tells you she gives great head you can’t be cynical until you’ve gotten a blowjob”

    “if there is a legitimate concern that she will bite my cock off…I wont take the chance”

    Agradevevevedutaaata, you need to give this government a chance. Your pessimism doesn’t help the situation. It’s only when the general public EXPECTS the government to solve the political problem, will the government actually be pressured to do it.

    If we are pessimistic and have no hope like you, then the Government might sit back and do nothing because no one expects it anyway.

    “Expect Nothing. And All is Beyond Expectation”!!?!? This is you attitude to life?? You must be a very unhappy man/woman…

  4. I’ve had enough of the grasping attempts of the minorities to ask for all they can and concede nothing. The 13th amendment is a fucking joke and should be done away with, just like the fucking 17th amendment that only institutionalizes racism. I’m not going to stand for this bullshit any longer. We have just got rid of the fucking pussies, now it’s time to ram home the advantage and build a unitary Sri Lanka where race is immaterial and merit rules. This can only be achieved if you shelve these idiotic amendments. Also, don’t forget the 13th amendment was passed because of those fucking bullies up north of us. Why the hell should we be saddled with a solution given to us by those retards? And just for the record, I’m Muslim.

  5. Dont. Just dont justify this self obsessed post by talking shit.

    This government believes in the 13th amendment and it is a good place to start. Remember the LTTE agreed to the Indo-lanka accord and the 13th amendment at first. It was after this tailor made solution was rejected that things went out of control.

    We have to support this governtment’s efforts to restore the 13th amendment. It’s a good thing that it plans to hold elections. Patience. In the words of GNR all it takes is just a little patience.

    I don’t know about the 17th amendment but please tell us how it “institutionalizes racism”?!?!?! That’s pretty rich coming from a muslim wanting a unitary state. rofl.

  6. It’s “all we need is just a little patience”…you fucking idiot.

  7. “Dont. Just dont justify this self obsessed post by talking shit.”

    You fucking moron. It would be better if you actually knew what you were talking about before you started spouting your self obsessed rubbish. Why is the 13th amendment dangerous? Because it gives police powers to the provincial councils. Why is that dangerous? Because everything from the orders the policemen receive to the number of policemen to the types of arms and ammunition they use is finally determined by the council.

    Why is this a problem? Because the safeguards that existed, such as the cadre for the police and control over the weapons they had were originally determined by the police commission which was supervised by the president. But after the fucking 17th amendment, appointments to the police commission are made by the constitutional council.

    Who’s in the constitutional council? 10 people. Prime minister, opposition leader, speaker of the house, 1 presidential nominee, 1 minor party nominee, and 5 nominees selected jointly by the PM and OL. Now that sounds just hunky dory until you get to the small print. Of the 5 nominated by the PM and OL, at least 3 have to be members appointed from minority parties to represent minority interests.

    Not only that, the council itself is charged to appoint different ethnic groups to the commissions that it is in charge of. If there are 8 ethnic groups in the country (and there are, according to the census), and this rule is strictly followed, then only 1 person from the majority in a commission that has 8 members. That’s not racism? Fuck off, you liberal, guns and roses misquoting twit.

    As for why Muslims would be happier in a unitary Sri Lanka – we’re the real losers in this war all along if you look at it on real racial lines. And we’re no longer the second minority in this country, we now outnumber the Tamils. But you don’t see us pushing for separatism; we’re very happy getting along with everyone else. So in this little pissing contest between the majority and the Tamils, we’re the unaccounted losers. Why the fuck should we take that lying down?

    And don’t let my name confuse you. I’ll call myself Pope Benedict if I want.

  8. And before pseudo whaat starts jerking off from his high horse, let me clarify that the point with Muslim integration is that we’re all over the place but spread too thin (except in the east) to dominate any provincial council. So what happens to us when the police wars begin?

  9. “Because it gives police powers to the provincial councils. Why is that dangerous? Because everything from the orders the policemen receive to the number of policemen to the types of arms and ammunition they use is finally determined by the council.”

    Isn’t that the point you dimwitted racist?! You have to give them police powers because that’s what we agreed on. You’re just reinforcing the views of other idiots like agrgagdgevuaturtta who are suspicious of this great government. We can’t be suspicious of people anymore. We have to trust. Distrust begets distrust asshole. You’re the reason we couldnt solve this before. Now let people who have a better understanding of constitutional affairs take care of it.

    SO WHY IS THE 17TH AMENDMENT RACIST??? Because it gives every community an opportunity to be represented?? Look up the word “Racist” in your dictionary. Not the “Disctionary for racist assholes” which has the thing backwards. Look up the Oxford or the webster.

    It’s racist not to give communities an opportunity to decide on constitutional matters. I don’t know much about the 17th amendment. But if what you say is true about its composition, then its a damn good idea.

    You’re not a muslim. Ha! You’re just a sinhala racist asshole who’s trying to pass off his racism by posing off as a minority person. The muslims will be much happier with the 13th amendment with a logical government like the one we have now than a unitary state where all the bloody tamils will be whining till kingdom comes. You have to trust this government. You speak up when the JHU ever comes to power. Yeah you go work on your reincarnation, asshole.

  10. Pseudo What, you are precisely the type of naive and intellectually lazy individual that falls squarely within the category of “seasonal liberal”. You are noncommittal in your views and are “seasonal” in your take on the ethnic conflict. I detect that you are more damaging to the effort to arrive at a sustainable solution in this country than the hardliners themselves. You suffer from acute political apathy and fail to analyze the current situation beyond its first deceptive layer. I restrain myself from calling your type unintelligent. I think many of you are in fact knowledgeable. But the most unfortunate reality is that you were always prejudiced in your opinion. It was cool and fashionable to be liberal when the trend was to complain. Now that the trend is to rejoice, you have quickly shed your liberal skins to appear conformist, even fascist. You represent a large portion of Colombo’s society. And truth be told, your transformation is a quandary.

    As long as the LTTE was around you had a nice terrorist tree to shelter your prejudices. However, now that the terrorists have been gloriously vanquished, you have no way to conceal your bias. So you compromise. Asymmetrical federalism becomes devolution; devolution becomes decentralization under the 13th Amendment; and the 13th Amendment become a little too much. Soon we will all agree that a unitary state is “kinda sexy”. You now blissfully place the fate of the Tamils in the hands of this government. Because, in truth, you don’t care what happens anyway. You just want to be able to live in the Capital without being bothered by whining minorities.


  11. Dutugemunu, your chilling and sinister analysis is, in somewhat of a morbid sense, refreshing. I suppose I prefer you to a hypocrite. You were always around and will always be around. A known Devil is always preferred.

    To address your comments on the two amendments:

    1. The 13th Amendment is a sham and I believe that if it had any real value, it would have solved the problem 20 years ago. I don’t think Police Powers is the problem. I think its final control over resources. The reason there was an unfortunate UDI in the NE PC back in the day was that the Chief Minister was deeply frustrated at the lack of cooperation by the Center as far as resource allocation was concerned. The real issue is one of money. Give the provinces some control over cash so that they can determine the development agenda of that region.

    My point about Police Powers relates to a broader issue. The issue of watering down an already shameful solution. It illustrates the true commitment of this regime to bring about any real change. I would expect it to at least stick to the 13th Amendment and not bicker about Police Powers, notwithstanding the fact that the 13th Amendment does not really provide any genuine platform for self determination in any case.

    2. As far as the Constitutional Council is concerned, I don’t see what you are complaining about. There is no National Police Commission at the moment because the CC has not been reconstituted and the previous NPC’s mandate expired. All the individual appointments that are supposed to be made by the CC are now being made by the President.

    But if you are talking about the Constitutional provisions in theory, I find it curious that you would call a potentially multi-racial body which is meant to be apolitical, “racist”. It is merely a body that ensures that appointments to these commissions are non-political. Bear in mind that in any event, the political representation of the CC makes its apolitical nature questionable. However, practically speaking, the requirement of various representatives coming to an agreement amongst themselves in terms of these appointments should have the ultimate cumulative effect of non-political appointments.

    That is why the composition of the CC and its appointments to these commissions permit the representation of a wider cross section of society. It is in essence a good idea. But as you might notice, good ideas don’t get always implemented under this government.


  12. Later dude. I don’t have time…

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