How True is the Truth in Wine?

Jenna (all-American hottie who likes to pick up well-dressed locals at bars): “So that’s why me and my brother own so many guns back home. We like to go hunting…”

Local drunk: “So what do you hunt? Niggers?”

Have you ever heard the ancient Latin phrase “in vino veritas” (in wine, there is truth)? It essentially speaks of people saying and doing things more true to their actual nature when under the influence of alcohol. I don’t really mind a good drink, so don’t mistake this post as being anti-alcoholic.

Most of my drinking buddies have varied responses to the hard stuff. Some become antisocial, while others become incessant nags; some become a little violent, while others just want to kiss you; some exaggerate stories from yesteryear, while others provide you with way too much information about their sex lives. There are a few good chaps that like to get frisky with the ladies, while others like to get touchy-feely with their male friends. The crudest remarks and the most sexist, racist and ignorant blabber often spew out (amongst other things) of these happy drunks in witty little packages which are often stored in our intoxicated memory banks and recounted during future binges. And yet we forgive them because they know not what they do.

Why do we behave the way we do when we are drunk? I will certainly not provide you with a medical or scientific explanation. This however, is my theory:

It is only when we are drunk that we lose all inhibitions. All the fallacious little wrapping of politically correct mumbo-jumbo go straight out of the window and into the spotlight jumps the “real you.” And since there is always the dependable excuse of “oh, I’m sorry, I had too much to drink last night”, we tend to literally let ourselves go when the alcohol starts flowing.

If you take the swaying, slurring and the funny hand movements out, and focus merely on what is being said and done when under the influence, it may often seem our personalities become larger and more clearly defined. Our thoughts literally become are words and deeds.

Girls who secretly don’t mind a good flirt become overly friendly or even seductive in a funny, drunk sort of way; Men who are flaming homosexuals in their private thoughts venture out of the closet for short drunken spells; and covertly intolerant people, when drunk, begin to “whip out” the Gay, Black, Jew and Muslim jokes, notwithstanding whose company they are in. And then of course, our hangovers are invariably accompanied by a surreal sense of regret and embarrassment commonly known as the “Foot in Mouth Disease”.

So the question remains, does alcohol make you do the things you really don’t want to do? Or does it empower you to do the things you really want to, but shouldn’t be doing? I beg to argue that it is clearly the latter.

And so, as twisted as it may sound, this is perhaps why we all prefer an honest bastard to an insincere saint.

Thank you for reading.


~ by Archangel on February 18, 2008.

16 Responses to “How True is the Truth in Wine?”

  1. Check this out.

    It says “Intoxication with alcohol is a temporary chemically induced mental disorder where the intoxicated person is generally not out of touch with reality, but will still respond to what culture dictates.”

  2. Cheers(hic)!

  3. You pigs disgust me.

  4. I say old chap, where is the veritable surge of intellectual discourse that follows most of your posts? Could it be that this one isn’t controversial enough? Could it be that archangel has actually written a post that causes no conflict??? Do people agree with you? You’re clearly losing your touch sir…

    And Salaam, pray tell why archangel and his friends are pigs?

    Do tell the local drunk I wished him well. You do remember, I was there.

  5. The lack of discourse is probably a reflection on what alcohol often does. It brings peace and harmony to the strangest places. Perhaps even the solution to the ethnic conflict lies somewhere in the bottom of a bottle of Arrack.


  6. mr. riddler, i think you are all pigs because you waste money on drinking and perverting with out any regard for the country situation and the lives that are lost every day. shame on you for being so blind. i had respect for agradevaduta when i read his other article, but when i read this one it seems he keeps bad company. that is why i think you all are pigs and that is why you disgust me.

  7. wow…thats a bit rich salaam…what have you done to “change the country situation and the lives that are lost everyday ?” …..yeah i though so. if people want to drink and go “perverting” bloody hell let them its none of you bees wax.

    cheers archangel, nice post. and yes i agree with you its the latter…i’ve found out through experience hehe…not necessarily good ones.

  8. mr.bugoy, or gooboy, or whatever…it’s my “bees wax” because i live in this country. everyone has a say in what happens to this country. may be you don’t understand that. but to see my fellow countrymen waste their precious time drinking their sorrows away rather than getting off their behinds and doing something makes me very depressed. i have not done something great to change the country. but if everyone does the same thing i do and pray daily for this country, then i think there will be a change. small efforts by everyone can make a change. i feel so sorry for you because you are so narrow minded. sorry for offending you if you are also a alcoholic.

  9. Dear Mr. Salaam, why dont you go and fuck yourself? Or masterbate to a poster of dear Mr. MR? Maybe thats the fix you really need…

  10. Mr. Salaami, your sincere words have touched Absolut Disco to the very depths of his soul. He is man enough to admit that he was wrong, that he was insensitive; yea, that he was a sinner! While pious souls like Mr. Salaami were busy saving the world, Absolut Disco, perverted in the circumambient haze of his alcoholism, callously ignored the plight of his native land. He hangs his head in shame. Never again, Mr. Salaami, shall Disco drown out the evils of the world in ridiculous quantities of alcohol. Never again.

  11. As is always the case, ADD’s post has managed to offend at least one individual and caused him/her to enter a self righteous state of mind that (for said individual) offers mark twain and a pedestal from which to disassociate oneself and maintain an endless tirade against those who do make an effort. My friend Salaam, it may come as a surprise to you, but the Coffe House Revolutions (or in this case, the Liquor Bar Revolutions) are the seeds of many reforms and changes in regime all over this wonderful world of ours. If prayers could solve the issues this country face, then my dear friend, we would all gladly hand over the reins of this country to the innumberable clergy who populate this emerald isle and get on with our business. I for one am a firm believer in the drinking circle and the influence it has on shaping the micros in a manner strong enough to influence the macros that govern us.

  12. mr.isikomana, i think you are mistaken. coffee houses didn’t have people drunk and merry when they talked politics. how can the perveted minds of drunkards come up with anything worthy? do you drink at someone’s funeral? i don’t think so. but you still drink while thousands of sri lankan’s die. only god can save us and that is why i humbly advocate prayer. and it is disrespectful of us to drink when so many are suffering. but no one here seems to care or take any thing seriously.

    mr. ranil. i feel very sorry for you. i hope you stop being a alcoholic and find true happiness. but that is for you to find. i wont respond to your perverted language or insults.

  13. Mishther… ash-sheikh abjul mohamujil muhamuzjainumullahmedinnnejad fatmommawah ikeeelu shalaam (Namashthe?)!

    How jare you jisparage ja jokal alco*hic* (excushe me) buishnesh! Do ju notch know how many Hhhoneshth anj jeeeshenth folk make a fu*hic*ing (parjon my frensh) hhhonest anj jeeshenth liffing chrough emfloymenth at theeesh brewereesh… Naaay, Theeesh inshtitushionsh of publik hadvanshmenth anj fashilitatheth hof upward shocial mobilichy !? Hafen’t you ever sheen ja happy fashesh throtting in and out of ja brewereesh in beergama haffy to haf shome form hof employmenth which woulj provije an alchernathif to frayer ash a meansh of filling onesh shthomach anj feejing onesh kijsh??!
    Ju you notch care for how much takshh ruppeesh, coming incho ja billionsh of ruppeesh, flow into ja shtate coffersh from ja alco*hic* (excushe me) anj chobacco injushtriesh? Billionsh! Isay Shalaam ol chaffie, Billionsh! Puth ich chogejer anj you prechchy mush funj half jish defench bujjech to fighth ja war thach youu doooo shooo much to sholfe chrough your frayersh!

    sho shalaaam.. join mee in a choasth to ja brewereesh anj chobacco merchanthsh who pay for our war anj free up our gofernmesh money tho spenj on hoshhhpithalth and schoolth! Hearrr heaaar!!!

    anj jont inshult ja pig! Ichsh ja cleeneshth animal on ja farm!

    (jach wash a pfarting..complimenth)

    makuna huta taa frienj!

  14. anj.. ADD.. ishnch ich alreajy shimply well echthablithed jath ith ish ja overcoming…or forgetting hof onesh inhibishoneth thath makesh you joo whath you joo when your merry??

    Anj.. ish you withouth your inhibishionth really you.. coth evn thothe inhibishioneth are part of whath make up your pershonality.. who hashnth said shomthingth when are merry that they feeel jenuine remorshe for later when jey are back to being misherab.. err sober again? Hif youre feeling jenuine remorshe and shame brewing from your own consciensh (ash opposhed to shame felth cosh of whath othersh think hof you) jen i belief those inhibitionth which preventeth joo from joing certain thingsh while you are planning your next drin..err while you are sober form part of whath is funjamenthally you.

    chank you for your chort provoking chorts. I like jou. I like shalaam. I luf jou all. Grouf hug?

  15. Bob, thanks for the comment.

    A translation for sober readers.
    “And.. is you without your inhibitions really you.. coz even though inhibitions are part of what make up your personality.. who hasn’t said something when [they] are merry that they feel genuine remorse for later when they are back to being miserab.. err sober again? If you’re feeling genuine remorse and shame brewing from your own conscience (as opposed to shame felt coz of what others think of you) then i belief those inhibitions which prevented you from doing certain things while you are planning your next drin..err while you are sober form part of what is fundamentally you.”

    I think you make a valid point, which is essentially in line with the school of thought that believes that intoxication causes momentary loss of control of one’s senses. However, I think a majority of the time, we are ashamed and embarrassed by are acts during intoxication rather than feel genuinely remorseful about them. If really we have a sit down and think about it, most of our actions during intoxication are those that we would have committed anyway, if we were either brave/daring enough or if no one would know we committed them.


  16. being a drunk doesn’t require you to be unemployed and do nothing for the country. You actually help the country quite a bit by drinking. A lot of money which goes into getting drunk goes directly into the government coffers in the way of taxes. Specially if you drink imported stuff. And drinking does not constitute for drunkardness. at least not for 10% of drinkers (which is still a lot). So drinking helps the economy and eventually the war effort. So if you love our country you’d pick up the closest arrack bottle and make yourself useless instead of pissing us off with you self-righteous hippie cum shots… Just because you’re a sexually deprived, islamic-fundamentalist/nazi impersonator who raises Doberman for a living while the closest thing you come to a social life is a prayer-cell and your friends like to go all pussy on you and pick flowers while undressing during your ‘manly’ midnight strolls, do not vent out your frustrations on those who drink to help the country. we serve a more profound purpose than your mother theresa act. If your religion teaches you to be judgmental than i kindly ask you to stop with the prayers. its obviously not doing anyone any good. but a piss-up??? ohhh a piss up does wonders…

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