Suicidal Nation

Even during medieval times, rulers often deliberately adopted a policy of war since it was widely believed that citizens expected less of their monarch during so called “hard times”. Ironically, it was during times of relative peace that a King was most susceptible to rebellion by the malcontent masses. It seems poverty and economic paralysis is much more noticeable when your Queen is devouring cake rather than when your King is off to kill the Muslims. And thus peace was equated to apathy while a blood-soaked conquest was associated with valour and honour. The greatest respect in history is reserved for conquerors such as Alexander, Julius Caesar and Napoleon, who in any modern sense of decency would be no less than soulless war-mongers.

Unfortunately, this policy of war along with its motivations is ever prevalent in today’s politically correct world. The Bush Administration is a case in point. But we as Sri Lankans are also victims of the “excuse of war”. Even as the cost of living reaches unbearable heights and oil prices soar, all we can muster up against this regime are a few whimpers of dissatisfaction. (I intend no disrespect to groundviews). Well, at least they are winning the war for us. Few realize that in the present economic context, we are assured of losing money in a fixed deposit offering as much as 15% interest simply because the rate of inflation is significantly higher than that figure. Yes, it is more profitable to spend your money than to save it. Let us not complain, at least they are winning the war for us.

So let us talk about this war. For now, assume you are a reasonable individual that values economic stability and long-term peace within a tolerant and diverse society. If not, perhaps this would better suit your taste. Since we cannot predict the future, we can only weigh the probabilities. Thus I have taken the liberty to analyse the possible outcomes of the present military strategy of our Government:

1. The Government Forces capture Kilinochchi and Mulativu and try Prabhakaran for crimes against humanity and/or execute him

This is a great outcome at face value and is in fact plausible given the support offered by third parties with compatible agendas. Also, the lack of Indian censure of the present war effort plays a crucial part in its chances of success.

However, there remain several questions that go unanswered given the political realities faced by a victorious government. Firstly, the TMVP will require their well-earned pound of flesh. I assume everyone remembers the strategic disaster that ensued after President Premadasa allied himself to the LTTE with the objective of ousting the IPKF. A rabid dog often bites the hand that feeds it. So the present Government ought to have a nippy strategy to deal with Pillayan, who obviously would be entertaining thoughts of taking over the East once the threat of the LTTE is removed.

And of course we have to consider the Muslims in the East. Oppressed by multiple parties for decades, it is unlikely that they will be in the mood to negotiate for much longer. Already, there are murmurs of Muslim youth being armed and trained and viewing serious militancy as a viable option for the future. Yes, all we lack in this ethnic conflict is an extremist Islamic movement.

Even if we are to assume that these concerns would magically evaporate into thin air, we must consider our own mentality. The Southern polity has repeatedly demonstrated its aptitude for fickleness. So we can certainly expect (in this day and age of triumphalist exhibitions of counting chickens before they hatch) the Sinhala South to go hysterical when their Southern son returns victorious from his conquests in the North. This will certainly usher in a new era of nepotistic rule and confirm further economic catastrophe. If you think that some other, more tolerant and economically savvy regime may replace the present one at the next General Elections, please think again. We are not British and he is no Churchill.

2. The Government Forces fail to take over the North and a stalemate continues indefinitely.

This scenario is also plausible if one is to consider the aspect of war-profiteering and my previous argument in respect of motivations for continuing a state of war. Regimes that are accustomed to a warring culture seldom do well at maintaining their territories during peaceful times and converting them into stable, prosperous regions. Our present regime, like the marauding Mongols, falls squarely into this category. Such a regime is all too aware of its limitations during peaceful times, and therefore chooses to perpetuate its military campaign and sustain its war machine. Also, the fact that individual members of the regime make hideously large profits from arms transactions tends to help.

This scenario is incredibly disturbing since it will indefinitely prolong the campaign in the North and East and lead to an eventual breakdown in the economy. The lives lost during the most recent campaign would be in vain and the morale within the forces would steadily decline. Furthermore, the new generation of militant leaders would most likely be far more sophisticated and, I dare say, ruthless in comparison to their somewhat ideological predecessors. The transition of the Palestinian struggle bears witness to this inevitability. And so separatism would be looked upon as a clear and nonnegotiable objective rather than a bargaining chip.

3. A miracle.

This is where we venture out of the probable and into abstract possibilities. As demonstrated through the analysis above, the only acceptable outcome that would satisfy a “reasonable and peace-loving” supporter of this war effort is a faith-based notion that the present regime would effectively and efficiently carry out the following tasks:

a) Dismantle the LTTE leadership in the North;
b) Manage and dismantle remnants of the old LTTE as well as new mushrooming groups with various agendas including separatism;

c) Manage the TMVP faction and either appease their demands for some form of control in the Eastern Province or dismantle them also;

d) Provide safeguards for the Muslim population in the East and prevent the rise of a Islamist militancy; and

e) Provide a comprehensive devolution package for the Tamils and Muslims of this country and successfully market it to a disinterested and triumphalist Sinhala majority.

The above tasks relate only to a political solution to our crisis. I have not even begun to think of the monumental effort required to resurrect this economy. Yet these tasks are more likely to be completed by Sauron in Middle Earth than this present regime in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has long since held the infamous title of having the highest suicide rate in the world. It is therefore no coincidence that we as a nation now find ourselves in this hopeless predicament.

What horrifies me most is the fact that those who yearn for change are either systematically disenfranchised or forced to flee the country. Our only hope therefore is that the fortunes of this country will change dramatically and leaders who value freedom and inspire tolerance would eventually emerge.

Thank you for reading.


~ by Archangel on February 13, 2008.

41 Responses to “Suicidal Nation”

  1. Agree completely. But this is yet another whipmer of dissatisfaction no?

  2. You are obviously on antidepressants. 🙂 But good stuff.

  3. i fundamentally disagree… on the face of it. my arguments shall be developed as the days fly by and final victory is reached

  4. Archangel, When you write about people showing more frustration during peaceful times I assume you mean when there’s economic strife during peaceful times?? If so you’re prob right.

    Apart from that I don’t think you have thought about what you’ve written.

    Nothing comes for free. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. There’s a price everyone pays for this war. But the question is whether the price is worth paying! And I say yes. The LTTE is not a organization you can negotiate with. The UNP tried it and looked what happedn?? They went and got frikin planes during the CFA! We cannot trust a bunch a people that break promises and recruit children. They get their funding by threatening, extorting and drug trafficking! This is an organizaion that has completely silenced all alternative tamil voices. They killed Thiruchelvam, Kadiragamar etc etc and may have even instigated the killing of their very own Tamilselvam!!
    It is absolutely vital that before we do anything, we eliminate the LTTE. And that is the decision that this government has taken.

    I don’t agree with most of this government’s polcies but at least they are sticking by their guns. They have set out to destroy the LTTE and they are doing a good job at getting there. The victory in the EAST was a brilliant job and we should be proud that the LTTE was defeated there. Now the job has to be completed.

    Once the LTTE is eliminated, then we can think about giving relief to the tamils. What you describe as a “MIRACLE” is very very possible. I think this government will provide some autonomy in the north and east and prevent another civil war.

    We are not as stupid as you think. We have learnt from the 83 riots. However many bombs go off in Colombo and the south not once has there been any revenge taken on innocent tamils. We have grown from that situation.

    So I’m sure once the LTTE is eliminated we can all move one and live in some sort of peace. There’s no way we would discriminate against the tamils AGAIN and screw things up. Once bitten twice shy!

    But first things first!!!! Defeat prabha and get rid of the LTTE. Then the tamils will have a real chance to get what they want without living in fear.

  5. There are, of course, other possibilities. If and when the LTTE is defeated, the victorious army commanders could pull a Musharaff. Sensing this possibility, the government might try to keep the army occupied by embarking on another little project: annexing the Maldives!

  6. So you are writing all this but do you have any other solution?
    Instead you come to our site and give your unwanted opinion. I’ll only warn you once.

  7. Hi
    Just looking at the middle-east region, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon…. Terrorism does not just go away does it?

  8. Bob, I keenly await your response though I’m skeptical about faith-based arguments. No pun intended.

    Disco, you’re right. I never thought of that possibility. But seriously, do you not agree that who defeats the LTTE is just as important as defeating them per se.

    True believer, I don’t doubt that the LTTE has a sordid track record. But I disagree with you when you indicated that they benefited more from the CFA. While they did acquire airpower, that power has become virtually redundant now. It was the Government weapons stockpiling and tremendous boost in morale that takes precedence. When the CFA was entered into, we were at the point of stalemate. In fact I would say that it was the LTTE that had the momentum. However, the CFA has proven to be far more profitable for this regime than any other party to this conflict.

    I don’t agree with most of this government’s policies but at least they are sticking by their guns.

    They certainly are. But you are somewhat naïve to believe that this regime would be interested in providing extensive devolution for anyone. The danger in the circumstances now would be that the present regime would be in a position of clear advantage when it presents its devolution package. Permitting an autocratic regime to be in that position will guarantee that the devolution provided would not be sincere or intended to be sustainable. The attitude of any regime immediately after a military victory (particularly one that no other regime had achieved in 25 years) is certainly not going to be overly generous.

    I unfortunately do not share your confidence that we have learnt from 1983. Sure, there will be no such external manifestations of racial hatred in today’s context, but this is mainly due to the fact that the domestic and international pressures against such behavior are far more stringent. The real test will come if and when the LTTE is destroyed and the Government along with the South finds itself in a position of undeniable strength and advantage. It is only then that we will observe how far discrimination and racial hatred has been eliminated from our society.


    P.S- This article was written as far back as 3 years ago and maps out the rise of an Islamist militancy in the East.

  9. You should know that people in SL have become more sensitive to their mistakes. I’m hopeful that this government will do the right thing when they defeat the LTTE and give a good solution to the ethnic ocnflict. There is no way you can be so sure that the government wont do it. Remember, no government has ever beaten the LTTE so you can’t really say what will happen. From all the options available to us the best option is to go for war and finish the LTTE off. After doing that we have to really hope that the government will take the ethnic conflict seriously and solve it once and for all.

    You say that when a government has won a major war it will not be interested in giving generous solutions right?? But to give a generous solution you have to have complete power and freedom to do it! In the past when generous solutions were on the table it was always the opposition sinhala parties that prevented it. example – 1996 constitution, 2000 constituion, tsunami agreement. But this time this government however bad it has been in the past HAS THE POWER to give a good solution once and for all! So we as citizens must pressurize the government to do so and solve the ethnic conflict.

    But before all that we should support the war effort and the elimination of the LTTE.

  10. Thank you Archangel, you provide much material for consideration and reflection. Why is removing the leadership of the LTTE under miracles? Would not a successful conclusion of the war also mean removal, defeat of the LTTE and its leadership? Let me add a few points. Why should Prabhakaran be tried for crimes against humanity? why not e.g. a battle field trial and military justice for a commander of a rebel force for acts of terrorism? Do SL laws not provide for that? What happened to Wijeweera of the JVP? Anyway..
    1. Are we agreed as a nation, as a people, about the problems that we face that require war?
    2. On the evidence, has the government taken, is taking, action to defeat the LTTE?
    3. Since a government has the responsibility to protect the sovereignty of SL, and if the solutions by the LTTE are outside that frame, short of a cease fire with a clear time frame for disarmament, what is there besides war or surrender by one party?
    4. Devolution as exclusively or primarily an issue of the ethnic minorities and not one of governance will pose continuing serious problems for all of SL.
    5. Muslims and their representational rights at the center have to be examined in relation to the politics of the east and its possible polarizing effects on all communities. The reality of the cricket clubs of SL in years gone by, BRC. SSC, TU, MCC.. is interesting to consider.
    5. We have serious problems of governance, economic management and organization of political parties for multiple levels of representational democracy. Parliamentary MPs, Provincial council members and reps of Local Authorities of the same party compete and often work at cross purposes. What is the party strategy to govern at various levels, is there such a thing? There are strong views regarding the need for multiple levels of representational govt, some say we are too small and economically weak to have three levels of government. Recall how the provincial councils have functioned. Starved for funds from the center. The same for local authorities. But, recently a large proportion of LAs have developed capacities to raise funds and implement programs with improved transparency and accountability.

    6. I think while we debate the macro issues, unitary, federal, 13th Amendment plus, minus, there is still space to do things at local level, improve governance within the parameters and resources. Clean drains, bus stands, markets, small towns, roads, health, schools, improve infrastructure.. help economic processes at local level. LAs are doing this within the budget constraints and this, better than anything else, I think, demonstrates to the people in the North and East and throughout SL, that we can manage and do the things in front of our noses without some BIG folks at the central government level telling them what to do.
    7. I agree that we have major problems with the economy, inflation, investment, growth, employment, the war adds to it. We will keep in mind that “no country has ever benefited from a protracted war”. But does that mean we stop, again what is the purpose of the war, preserve the territorial unity of the country, provide representational justice to all, improve governance? Some of this all of this, none of this, such as the war is to defeat terrorism, the miracle independent cause? No dependent causality here. OK asked for too much from independence, but, what has been done, language, perception of equitable sharing of resources
    8. What about the Dynastic ambitions of a family group, two terms, then more terms and so forth. Will winning the war help, here we can think of Churchill .. and Eisenhower after WW2.
    9. Because we are near India will we will gain from its economic momentum.. What can government do to improve the situation? Be prudent, decide on the major infrastructure and power programs and get on with them? Give the example of living within our means. Talk less (write less??) work more.

  11. By the way, as you know the Moguls left a BIG markwith an empire that stretched from east to west including Korea, China to Russia, Persia and Turkey.. for nearly 200 years they were around.. do you mean to say Mulettivu and Killinochchi in 2008, by 2020, overrun India, on to Iran and all the way to Iraq, statues of MR, BR, KR, GR all the way Brrrrr.. it is a thought, what will we ride I wonder?? Finally a martial breed from the heartland of Sri Lanka is unleashed on the world to leave its mark. Who will be our Chinggis Khan?? Camp followers anyone??

  12. I agree with you, particularly in terms of strengthening LAs as part of a long term solution. However, my reference to the “Miracle” solution is not to be mistaken with the “Ideal” solution. This is the only solution available to us within the framework of war. I refer to it as a “Miracle”, not because it is my preferred option for a sustainable solution, but rather because it would take a miracle for this particular regime to actually carry out these tasks. And I do not think defeating the LTTE requires a miracle. I only believe that defeating them alone would solve very little and all tasks mentioned i.e. a) to e) need to be taken cognizance of. And for this to take place under the present regime, we would require a miracle.

    If it were up to me, I would be careful in supporting this particular regime in this particular war effort. In principle however, I am largely in agreement that the LTTE may need to be dismantled to provide room for a more moderate, reasonable Tamil leadership. My only concern is the implications of this particular regime taking over the North and claiming victory over terrorism.

    I admit, the analogy between the present regime and the Mongols is of limited applicability. Perhaps the Huns are more appropriate. But that’s besides the point. The point I wish to make is that regimes geared towards war often forget how to run their territories during peace. In our case, I doubt they have the capacity to run this country in the first place. But the war effort clouds our judgment and shields the regime from meeting minimum standards and from more rigorous scrutiny.


  13. I would like to now respond to your comments on strengthening Local Government.

    I think a bottom-up approach will suit the social and political dynamics of this country quite well. This approach will not only provide the opportunity for self governance by national minorities, but also provide a framework for autonomy at the community level. One grave concern in presenting any sort of long term solution to the crisis would be to consider both the national as well as the regional minorities. Let us not forget that for decades, national minorities who complained of discrimination at the highest level were most often guilty themselves of identical discrimination against regional minorities. The Muslims have suffered on both counts. One way of avoiding this predicament would be to provide for power sharing at the local level instead of (or in addition to) the provincial level. Strengthening Local Authorities is therefore essential. Of course, traditionally, the Centre has been guilty of neglecting the regions and restricting the flow of resources. This builds frustration at the 2nd and 3rd tiers of government and often leads to the structure itself being blamed. The structure, as it were, is quite appropriate. However, it must be accompanied by a firm commitment by the Centre to facilitate equal distribution of resources.

    Perhaps one option for devolution of power may be to strengthen capacity at the Local level by committing resources in an unprecedented manner. However, what is viable on paper is often disregarded due to the understandable lack of faith one has in majoritarian governments to deliver on their promises.


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  15. Mahinda is a egomaniac. May be the solution is to make him a Tamil movie star. (he kinda looks like one) After a couple of movies he might start thinking about his Tamil audiences. Bomb the shit outta them less may be.

  16. I will make the peoples see that I will bring the victory for them. And then my brothers and I will rule err…I mean govern you…with lot of intelligence and fair play. We will bring the solution to the Tamils and help all the races make the future brighter. Trust in me and my brothers and your future will be no more. No more hunger, no more poverty, no more human rights, no more war.

    Yours sincerely,

    The President

  17. Blah blah blah

  18. I wonder what the outcome of a complete Govt. victory in the north and East would entail… The imposition of a Supreme Unitary Buddhist State…with the complementary alcohol bans, banna in the morning, noon and night on every radio and TV channel, no more beef, the closing down of all nightclubs and a plethora of other fucked up, joyless legislation…and monks and politicos being driven around in Mercs to their favorite knocking shop for some itty bitty titty…and the rest of us left to eat grass and pay homage to the great savior of this blessed land…the great MR (Praise be upon him!)

    Fuck that, if that happens, I’m leaving. To anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love this country, and I’m Sinhalese, but I shudder at the thought of some crazy xenophobic Sinhalese Buddhist bigots being given a free hand to play out their Mahavansha fantasies on this island.

    And if some idiot thinks that I’m a selfish self-centered hedonist who doesn’t subscribe to the cultural values of this Sinhalese land, they are right, and they can go fuck themselves.

  19. i completely agree with the last comment. but it is unbelievable coming from a sinhala guy. i think you are probably tamil or muslim and afraid to admit it. but this is so true. the current war is only going to strengthen the sinhala buddhist mindset. more discrimination will follow. best thing to do is to leave and build a new life which promises much more for you and your children. this place has nothing to offer anyone else.


  21. Actually Mate I truly am a proper sinhala guy. And i dont think that to the above mentioned opinions are solely voiced by non-sinhala people.

  22. @ ranil, you are a fucking traiter like the author of this blog. If ranil is your real name i can find out who you are. this country can do with out people like you. so good thing you are leaving. or else something might happen to you. in the olden days they just executed traiters for treason. i wish they still do that, so lies like this can be stopped and people like you can be got rid of.

    @ archangel, you bitch. are you scared to write in tamilnet anymore?? haha. you must be shivering becuase we know who you are.

    @ Salam, you muslims are such cry babies. always crying about this and that. there is a bigger concern than your stupid mosques and halal food. we have a terrorist org to destroy. so either support us or become terrorists also and see what happens to you.

  23. Patriot, i think you are very foolish. So is this what a sinhala racist sounds like? You make me so ashamed. 😦

  24. mr. patriot, who said i was a muslim?? is it my name? salaam is not my real name. if i tell you my real name will you hunt me down too? hahahaha

  25. Dear Mr. Patriot, fuck you; also, Ranil is my real name and if you want, please find me and do your worst. Its shit heads like you, probably low caste, frustrated Mahinda worshipping dimwits from Ananda College who believe that we are actually doing something good here, or that we need to do better.i.e. kill more minorities etc… Does not anyone realize that people in the north and east are still Sri Lankan… or are you too busy wanking of to the Mahavamsa to care…

  26. Ranil, Disco demands you recant your indecent slur on a fine academic institution

  27. I apologies, the alcoholic haze in which i wrote my previous post effected a blur in my sensibilities. Maybe he is from DS….

  28. Facetiousness aside, we need to acknowledge that the views pronounced by Patriot—if they aren’t satirical—are held by many Sri Lankans and stem from many sources. Until they are addressed with maturity, it’s unlikely that the country can go beyond this Bushesque “you’re either with the gov’t or with the LTTE” paradigm…

  29. @ archangel, you should censor bad language on this blog. you are such a frightened girl not to confront us.

    @ ranil, so you are the ponna ranil wickramasinghe?? i am so dishonoured to be talking to the traiter himself. but i am not a fool to believe you. my friends can find out who you really are and then you wont be tempted to challenge us like this. you think i went to ananda??? you are so wrong you spineless coward. and you are not aware of what is included in the mahawamsa to even make any remarks on it so learn somthing before you decide to talk. you have no idea who i am or what i can do to you, but i hope you never have to find out.

    @ disco bob, you are so confused you don’t know what you are saying. but i wont waste my time arguing anymore. there has to be action in our this country and not words.

  30. Disco Bob, that’s not really true. They’re are many options within the democratic process to look beyond that simplistic paradigm. I find this post as well as the comments from most of you pessimistic and bordering on defeatist.

    Sure Sri Lanka is going through a bad patch. But from rock bottom there is always redemption to look forward to. It is pessimism like this by possibly well-educated folk that keeps totalitarian governments in power. And there is so much to be done. The CFA period was a time of peace and prosperity. So why not pursue that again? You need to ensure that Mr. Rajapakse is not reelected. And you have to work towards campaigning for sustainable peace. So many armed groups have been brought into the democratic process. IRA, PLO are prime examples. Hamas will soon follow. It’s just that you haven’t given enough incentives to the LTTE in order for them to do the same. Sri Lanka has to look towards building trust and delivering on small promises. You can remove ideas of separatism by focusing on some of the root causes that feed into it. You must do the simple things like ensuring more funding to the NE to ensure more rapid development. By combating poverty and keeping the people of the NE relatively satisfied, you can remove the ideological rug from under the LTTE and other separatist movements. Address the main concerns and stop this pointless tit for tat approach.

    Agradevaduta, you make some very good points, but there is no room for such weak and pessimistic opinions. You may call it realistic, but I say it is being hopeless. Believing is half the battle. Sri Lankans cannot lose hope and get depressed. You owe it to your children and your children’s children to end this war. The present war effort is narrow minded and short term. So you must now think of future generations.

  31. @ micahel, who are you? are you even a sri lankan?

  32. Carefull Michael, the Patriots gonna come after you…..BTW Patriot old boy, managed to find me yet?

  33. Patriot is the funniest blogger of all time… lets kill the ‘traiters’… lol loved ranil’s comebacks… specially the wanking off to the mahawamsa. but what do i need to do to be blacklisted by the patriot? please mr.patriot can i also join your cool side. then we can organize mini concentration camps for tamils, muslims, christians and animal activists. why not throw in the gays too… but i’ll join only if i can be Hitler. you pick out a name for yourself ok? No no i chose it first too late.
    So just in case i need to spread the propaganda, on a scale of 1 to 10 how cool do you think you are? and how cool do your friends think you are? have you ever got any head? have you ever given any? was it good? was it a mouthful or was it one of those awful instances when you sipped too little water from a glass and the rest of your mouth is filled with air?
    Mr. Patriot i’ll provide you with my entire Bio-Data come find me. we have so many plans to make… im excited… are you excited? we are so cool no?
    P.S- the s.o.b who posted ‘blah blah blah’ was not me.

  34. @ Malik, what is your full name? i dont need to ask this but lets see how brave you really are.

  35. haha… i thought you can find anybody? or are you just trying to look cool for your friends? do you think i’m a ‘traiter’?

  36. @ malik. you are from colombo. you are a journalist for daily mirror. you have family in australia…should I continue? We can visit your hourse even tomorrow. You are a traiter yes. And the punishment for treason is usually death.

  37. shit daily mirror and family in australia? haha lol… cool come over tomorrow… i’ll prepare you a feast of traiterdom… all i ever wanted was to join your cool group… sob sob

  38. come visit my hoarse

  39. @ malik. you are so foolish. you think that just because you sit behind a comupter you are safe? ok enough talk.

    @ everyone. back to the topic. look at situation now? we are so close to wining the war. after we do, you people wont be complaining like this. all the complaints will be forgotton and you will start rejoicing and pretending that you supported the war right from the begining.


    Look even now there is democracy since there is an election! And the muslims are not complaining. because they know it is a good thing.

    terrorism must be fought with fire and guns. that is why i agree with how the israelis handle the situ. we should do the same in kilinochchi and mulativu.

  40. Patriot, how can you possibly justify the Israeli attacks on Gaza. While arguing that the Israeli government has the right to self defense is one issue, we must not forget that Israel presently occupies Palestinian territory in Gaza.

    In any case, what about the principle of proportionality? Just because you punch me in the nose, should I have the right to kill your family?

    I think your analogy was very poorly though out. The situation in Sri Lanka is very different to the situation in Palestine. And calling for the Government of Sri Lanka to act in the manner the Israeli government has acted is both highly inappropriate and dangerous.

    Malik, I don’t think engaging the Patriot on his threats is a worthwhile endeavour. He has threatened virtually everyone on this blog. So I doubt he is being sincere. Scared perhaps, but not sincere.


  41. aiyo!!!

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