When Atheists Attack

This is priceless.

If I keep writing heresies such as this, I may be taken off the Atheist Blogroll. Hilarious.


Looks like the debate on the censorship of my ideas has begun.


The sad and inevitable conclusion.

Thank you for reading.


~ by Archangel on August 9, 2007.

10 Responses to “When Atheists Attack”

  1. You invited me to comment here, so I’ll repeat this from my Gods4suckers.net comments…

    Hello Archangel,

    My four main objections to your “A Letter to an Atheist – PART II: Can We be Good without God?” piece are:

    1. The title. It’s as insulting as it is asinine. Why not write an article titled “Can [your choice of ethnic group] Stop Being Greedy, Shiftless, and Smelly?”

    2. “most of us do not have a conscience.” As long as neo-conservatives aren’t in the majority, I see little evidence that this is true. How many sociopaths do you know? If it’s several, I’d suggest getting new friends.

    3. “Unless, we derive our moral standards from a higher power to which all human beings are subject to, the idea that equals can enforce a standard which is arbitrary and essentially self-serving seems unjustifiable. Therefore, morality must necessarily be derived from some external source for it to be sufficiently compelling. It must precede human thought and existence in order to demand adherence.” This is sophistry. Humans today are born into a social context, as well as with instincts which may or may not have evolved in our time as social animals. Both society and instinct provide us with guidelines we can and do use for moral judgments. What’s arbitrary is invoking a fictional sky daddy as a more probable explanation and justification for morals than social compacts and innate human values.

    4. The layout. As prestigious as it may look to have fully justified text, it is quite vexing to read a blog formatted like that.

  2. Archangel, you are neither atheist or agnostic. I don’t get why you are on the atheist blogroll. Do you have naked pics of Mojoey with a real ugly chick?

  3. Hey Archangel, defend thyself.
    Deep Thoughts: Blogroll Update: Do we vote Agradevaduta off the island?

    Can I have those pictures back or do I need to throw you some cash?

  4. Your comment is both unnecessary and insulting. Not to mention condescending and arrogant.

    I’ve voted to remove you from the Atheist Blogroll, as you clearly have little to no respect for the other members. You want the advantages (traffic to your site), without the inconvenience of actually doing something in return: like showing the blogroll on your blog.

    Please, if you’re going to insult a group of people: at least try to be original.

    Carolyn Ann

  5. beaj,

    Pictures “with a real ugly chick”?

    C’mon man, you can do better than gratuitous old-school misogyny.

  6. As an atheist I want to thank you for exposing loopholes in the rules for the Atheist Blogroll big enough to drive a god through. In light of this, I would expect the rules to change and therefore make the Atheist Blogroll both stronger and better.

    You should take delight in knowing that you’ve contributed well to atheism. I salute you!

  7. V l-w c- i loved the part on the justified text. Loving your analysis.
    I wonder why ADD’s keeping quiet on this.

  8. Go finger urself u slut

  9. Come down off the cross: We need the wood.

  10. Darwin’s Dagger: No Homers

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