WordPress vs. Blogger: Why you should also make the switch

This is merely a momentary departure from the usual satire, so please bear with me.

(In this post: Find out how to import your old blog posts to your new blog site in just minutes)

After careful consideration, I have recently decided to shift my web log from WordPress to Blogger. The following piece seeks to highlight my findings and observations, which some of you may find useful.

Where WordPress wins:

1. It is most definitely a service provider with slicker templates and a more sophisticated overall design. However, you would be required to download an appropriate version of the WordPress blog tool and personally host your own site to truly appreciate this benefit. The free version which I had the luxury of enduring for a few months, offered very little room for tinkering.

2. It offers a wide range of statistics which enables you to track the performance of your blog.

3. It also permits the display of multiple pages, which somehow seems to be a feature in Blogger that I haven’t quite discovered as yet.

4. Finally, for those of you who enjoy a debate or two, it offers scope for the editing of both user comments as well as your own responses in terms of discussions that take place on your blog.

Where Blogger prevails:

1. It permits HTML editing. This is a priceless feature which the free version of WordPress does not offer. This ability to edit your blog’s HTML code essentially opens the window for countless possibilities.

For example, the lack of a statscounter is instantly resolved by including a code offered by service providers such as statcounter.com.

And of course, opportunities for revenue generating through the likes of Google’s AdSense, also open up due to such HTML editing capabilities. This provides an entirely new commercial dimension to the list of incentives to use Blogger.

2. It offers better design control over your blog. Blogger possesses a number of tools that enables template editing which ranges from fonts and colors to adding a feed from YouTube. Thus the scope for personalizing your blog is indeed far greater.

One of the main problems faced by bloggers who wish to switch between blog providers is the feasibility involved in importing old posts to the new blog site. I encountered this very issue in attempting to import my posts on WordPress to its new Blogspot location. The problem is now adequately dealt with through the use of a simple piece of software located here.

All things considered, I find the move to be a reasonably good one. However, the true prudence of this migration of sorts may only be tested with time.

Thank you for reading.


~ by Archangel on May 24, 2007.

13 Responses to “WordPress vs. Blogger: Why you should also make the switch”

  1. Very good move indeed. wp.com is not flexible enough when compared to blogger.
    WP is fine if you have it hosted on your own place.

  2. ADD looked so much slicker earlier and having to load up a whole new page to enter comments is just annoying.
    you’ve sold out my friend… hope adsence would be worth your soul!

  3. Bob, do you mean soul as some metaphysical extension of personality or some kind of objective yet internal morality? Don’t both entail accepting the existence of God?…hahaha…just kidding.

  4. hope ‘momentary’ means ‘onetime’. i totally prefer the ragin debates! but this is a cooler version. the last version’s font size was way too small and hard to read. nyway, not too gud wt all the technical stuff… wuts adsense anyway? ok, hope u get back 2 sum gud posts!!! hahaha…but i liked disco bob’s lil rant… 🙂 disappointed r we??!? well get over it.

  5. Is a bell, I think that was the original Bob, so let’s not sully poor Disco’s name.
    Besides, that was an expected reaction.

    Bob, thank you for expressing your distaste so candidly. However, might I remind you that it was you who first suggested that I switch to a provider that offers HTML editing. So please be consistent. Or is that too much of an ask when you’re juggling pseudonyms?
    Worry not, for I do not intend to make Agradevaduta a commercial enterprise.

    Thank you for reading.

  6. you’ve alienated your loyal base of commentators and readers with this drivel ADD. While the comparative merits of open source software over proprietary counterparts may titillate the imagination of many, your relative success with blogs to date can be put down to a willingness to play to the gallery. YOUR gallery. Enough of this technological poppycock.




  8. To god,
    Why don’t you maintain your consistency? I thought you resigned. We all got your resignation letter. Now please mid your own business and let the humans make their own choices.

    from http://indiauncut.com/iublog/article/god-resigns/

    Dear Humans

    This is to inform you that I quit. I have enjoyed being God for an eternity now – thank you for the opportunity – but I cannot bear the thought of going on and on like this. Enough is enough. I have informed my angels of my impending resignation, though I didn’t expect them to rush off to buy horns and black clothing right away. This Sunday will be my last day in office, after which I intend to spend some time with my family. (Ok, I’m kidding about the family. Heh.)

    I started off badly, I confess. I was a beginning God and there was no roadmap, so what do you expect? My brief was to create a star, a planet and a satellite with a golf course. The rest of the universe wasn’t in the plans – that’s all the failed attempts. I was finally told that I could stop when I made earth, even though I got the golf-course wrong. Still, I’m sure there are other entertaining things you can do on the moon.

    Then I was asked to populate the earth, and that’s when I had the most fun. I tried various funky things – I thought bacteria were pretty cool, and would rule the earth for sure. I also thought that of all the prehensile organs I gave my creatures, the penis of the whale was much more useful than the opposable thumbs of humans. I mean, how much fun it must be to grip something with that?

    But you guys triumphed, largely because I gave you greater computing power. Had I put in a few trillion neurons less, it could all have been different. (And perhaps I should have worked harder on the dinosaurs.) I admit I got carried away by you because you were the first creatures to notice that I existed. Look, validation matters, period.

    Then, when you were just beginning to come out of caves and get civilized, I decided to take a nap. It’s hard work, all this creation, especially at the level of detail involved, and I was tired. And really, what could go wrong while I slept? Humankind was on the rise, using all its neural computing power to create new things, and I thought I’ll wake up refreshed and see a better world, and maybe I’ll get back to work on the moon after a snack or something. Golf is good.

    Well, it may seem like I’ve been absent for a long time, but a few millennia is nothing in galactic terms. So I wake up, rub my prehensile eyes, wrap them round the world, and what do I see? I see that you humans are running the place, which is fine, no issues with that. But then I see what you’ve done to me. I look here and go, “That isn’t me!” I look there and remark, “I don’t look like that!” I hear myself quoted and say, “I didn’t say that!” It’s a mess.

    Now, I don’t want to get into details, so I’ll just take up three broad points. One, I was supposed to make you in my image. Instead, while I was napping, you went and cast me in yours. I protest. I am not bigoted, misogynist, genocidal or egotistic. I look at how I’ve been portrayed in all the major religions and I’m appalled that anyone would even consider worshipping that.

    The talk of worship brings me to my second point: Why have I been portrayed as corrupt? If I am supposed to reward people for their behaviour, why should prayer matter? I am not so insecure that I need to hear praises of me all the time? Or that I need temples or churches or mosques built to honour me, or any of the ritualistic things that you people do? You do not need to bribe me, ok? Just behave well.

    Three, why do you assume I need your puny protection? If anyone insults me and I’m petty enough to want to take action against them, there’s always lightning – or less subtle punishments such as Himesh Reshammiya music videos. Stop getting offended on my behalf, please. Especially the more devout ones among you, who embarrass me hugely.

    I could go on forever about how all notions of me are corrupted, and used by men – yes, mostly men – for their own selfish purposes. But who will listen to me forever? The one good thing I did was make you mortal, which I now realize is a feature and not a bug. Anyway, I accept culpability for creating a flawed product in the first place, and then for falling asleep. I’m disgusted at my failure, and the only honourable option I have left now is to resign.

    See you in Hell.


  9. blogger cool… wordpress eeeevil!

  10. Dear ADD

    I want to earn money on adsense! how does it work? I tried, but its really hard.

    what is HTML?


  11. Disco Bob urges a return to sanity, i.e. a return to wordpress. This just looks icky.

  12. ADD is jst a greedy bastard who wnts to earn money without all the hard work… and btw ADD stay away from other ppl’s blogs u dick. PPL DNT READ HIS BLOG ANYMORE HE”S A BAD BROTHER AND A NAZI…
    thank you for reading.

  13. Dear Disco, with my return to blogging after many months, I have also returned to wordpress. I am tired of Blogger. The insanity is over.


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