Thank you for Reading

This evening I decided to take the plunge. Mid way, I realized it wasn’t that deep a plunge to take. It had been apathy that kept me away from the web-log world. Pure and simple. Life has changed dramatically over the past ten years about which I have so much to say. Why not share it? As the line between private thought and crying out in the town square grows thinner, I realized building a larger cage is more effective, and certainly more interesting than living in a box. Once we set the boundaries of thought wide enough, greater results may be achieved as opposed to the common curse of self-censorship.

I don’t suppose I would interest many of you out there with my perilously obscure and often logic defying thoughts. But I guarantee you this – my perspective is my own and I don’t make a habit out of quoting other people.

My ambition is relatively small, yet probably unattainable. It is simply to establish the need amongst us all to begin thinking afresh. What I mean by fresh is not mere novelty. It is to unlearn to the greatest degree possible that which we have already learned, and attempt to figure things out from the very beginning. Social conditioning blinds us. It blunts our senses.

I see this form of expression as a means to fight what I call “the condition of life”.

Thus, I dedicate this web-log to my own alter ego. One which is truly free. A refuge for honesty in its purest form. Something we all fight each day to contain.

Thank you for reading.



~ by Archangel on March 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Reading”

  1. In spite of being an anti-blogger – VERY unlikely to reform!! (This in fact is a momentous flash in my life – my first blog comment!!) I did enjoy reading!! Liked the ‘Agradevaduta’ tag-line especially!! Continue writing!!! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. There is only thing I can deduce from your style of writing: you’re not human.

    Amazing perspective though. Whoever you are, you’ve earned my respect.

  3. I don’t know where the allegations you mentioned are so I decided to comment here and reply. I didn’t know that there were such allegations against you nor am I able to form such an opinion given that I haven’t read a single blog entry by you.

    Like I said before I don’t regret the entry I made. Every few months I come under attack for a post and though this is by far the worst, I look at it as part of blogging.

    Nowhere did I mention that this incident happened to me nor did I say it didn’t happen to me. If you read carefully it was the numerous comments that came to that conclusion on their own.

    True I took a risk by writing this given that I use my real name. But it was something I wanted to say and it is not my fault that so many people took it personally. The comments on my blog have only helped me find out that such comments are being made by even more people than I thought, though not in public like in the case I mentioned.

    I don’t care whether you respect my writing or not. I didn’t start writing for the sake of respect nor do I expect it.

    Am I a law student? I don’t think I mentioned such a thing anywhere and I also think it is irrelevant. If you need an answer to the question you asked please send me an email.

    Anyway, I don’t hold a grudge against you or anyone who graced my blog regarding this particular post so hope that is cleared up.

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